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Name:Princess Koriand'r

Name: Princess Koriand'r
Aliases: Starfire, Kory Anders
Age: 19 in human years
Appearance: Gold / orange-ish skin tone; Long curly red hair; Pupil-less solid green eyes
Heritage: Full blood Tamaranean; second daughter of King Myand'r

Abilities: Ability to absorb solar energy; flight which leaves a temporary red contrail; fighting skills involving hand-to-hand, with weapons, on mounts, and with starbolts; gain knowledge of other languages through contact with her preference being towards kissing
Occupation: fashion model
Languages: Tamaranean and English
Timeline: After the death of Franklin

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Mun: Q
Timezone: EST
Contact: dylandypwns on AIM; [ profile] 9_in_japanese
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